Monday, 4 April 2011

Too much information Itap 2

Too much information!!!

This lecture demonstrated the various ways in which we take in information and understand what is going on around us by processing only sensory features and not meaning.

A key fact that I learnt from Phil’s lecture was that our body responds to 11,000 pieces of information everyday, due to the overload of information we are bombarded with living in the 21st century.

I believe the mind is like a sponge it absorbs so much information over the years and releases the relevant information when needed. An example of this is when studying for exams.  We are exposed to numerous amounts of information from revision guides, notes and text books, however when we take breaks our brain allows us to absorb even more information from our surroundings e.g. from watching television. When we finally return to our studies we can continue where we left off with no affect on our work state of mind.

On a daily basis I found that I absorb a vast amount of information, most which is gathered by our five senses/perceptions, hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. These senses all act as experience triggers. On a typical journey to university, I would wake up get ready whilst having the television on. During my journey to the bus stop I am bombarded with information in a hectic atmosphere due to the sounds of traffic coming from every direction. I then come across numerous traffic lights and subconsciously respond to the green and red man as I have learnt from a young age what these symbols mean. I also come across several billboards that change their advertising weekly.

 These billboards use sensory marketing to in bed what they are selling in our minds. I find this statement true as I often remember the adverts from the billboards later in the day despite not paying much attention to them. The bus journey to University uses all my senses. Firstly I notice the advertisement on the side of the bus which tends to be about new films released.  Once on the bus I am surrounded by continuous noise, people’s conversations, mp3 players, the bus’s engine, people’s foot steps and traffic. There are also some signs that I do not always observe, such as the digital sign indicating that the bus is stopping, the safety signs and the display that indicates the price of my journey.

 This is because the information normally obtained from these signs has already been registered by my brain on previous journeys and will not be observed unless they change. Having taken the bus on many occasions I have subconsciously and consciously associated the bus as an unpleasant form of transport due to me sense of smell touch and sight. The bus tends to have very strong stale aroma and is normally left in an unhygienic state. 

 It’s quite interesting to think that even though all this information continuously surrounds us we only manage to consciously take in a small amount which is processed in to an understood meaning and then in bedded in our minds as memories. The rest is subconsciously stored and triggered off through sensory experiences.

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