Monday, 4 April 2011

Disruption in advertising Itap 2

Disruption in advertising

There are 3 distinct domains necessary for success in disruption of advertising.
CONVENTION: this is where we have expectations, beliefs, pre conceptions and assumptions about how we are meant to act, behave and respond to what society throws at us.  The only way to change these conventions is find fresh idea that forces a reassessment of company’s strategies.
 And result in new innovative approaches defying the rules of the market.
VISION: everyone needs a vision to work towards we all want to aspire to become something or do something. In terms of a company it’s looking at how your brand and business will develop in the future and if it will have a place in a future market space. In order to confirm a place you must come up with innovative marketing strategies and decisions which are in fact visions. All visions are inspiring refreshing daring ideas that defy the market rules (disruption) and will ensure viewers will be attracted.

 DISRUPTION: Disruption is a tool for change and an agent for growth a working methodology and a life view philosophy. The aim is to create something dynamic to replace something else thus making it stand out.

Through researching disruption in advertising I came across an interesting video that cleverly reinforces the ideology of disruption in advertising.

The video is about a program the “afterlife” broadcasted on ITV 1.  This video shows how a perfectly normal looking advertisement situated in a normal location can create an uneasy scared feeling to its viewers. This feeling is due to the unexpected man trying to escape with the combination of the noise and movements he makes. The viewer automatically makes an association that something bad is happening, It did in fact make me jump. Therefore our defense mechanisms kick in and we are left with a decision to fight or flight which in most cases the viewer chose to flight. This type of advertising is considered a major disruption to the conventional way of advertising and therefore is more memorable. 
Jean-Marie Dru, is the inventor of the Disruption philosophy and chairman of TBWA with more than 267 offices, in 77 countries and 12,000 employees.
TBWA was asked to come up with a revolutionary idea that would boost the brand awareness of Gatorade and highlight the importance of drinking it. Although the brand has been successful it was loosing its vision and sole purpose of being a superior sports hydrating drink that fuels athletes and was in danger of falling in to the category of soda pop. Gatorade REPLAY found an opportunity and arranged for original players a second chance to play the ‘93 game that ended in a tie 7-7. A documented journey was formed highlighting the emotional struggle of strenuous workouts and the heart soul and determination of these former athletes. Gatorade’s expertise in coaching, hydration and sports performance supported the men got back in shape.

Velocity trained the 30+year old athletes before they replayed the biggest game of their lives. It is a truly inspirational piece of advertising that has certainly grasped a lot of publicity through changing the rules of the norm of advertising a sports drink thus proving that they are the most superior sports drink in athletic performance and recovery.

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