Saturday, 8 January 2011

Utilize your Creative Brain

The Reflective visual journal (RVJ) is defined as “ a indispensable tool for all visual creative’s.” It is a reflective place for thinking and development used consistently throughout a sketchbook. In the words of Pablo Picasso, “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else”.
The brain is split in to two halves; each part has their own individual process and functions.
 The right side of the brain essentially is like a child at play it controls your sensitivity, innocence, experimental, playful, spontaneity and curiosity. It is a chance to feel a sense of freedom and express yourself in your work.
Whereas the left hand side resembles a more logical and structured side where you organize by following a series of development and thought, clarifying, quantifying, editing, evaluating, classifying, analyzing and begin to rationalize situations and
understand the process of your development.
As artist’s it is essential that we use both sides of our brain in order to express and justify our creative process, enabling a better understanding of our intentions.
The key for the best outcome creatively and logically is by constantly switching between both sides of the brain, questioning our selves by speculating and interrogating our work by annotating our creative process. Therefore it is imperative that we use play and clarification in order to lead to SUCCESS!

The example I have chosen is a piece by Jackson Pollock this is a perfect example of an individual using the right hand side of the brain. The artist uses long intertwined brush strokes highlighting the artist’s expression of freedom. Colours are sporadically placed next to one and other in no particular order or structured pattern, with no consideration for complementary colours, which typically blend with one another. This painting reminds me of an innocent time during my childhood. I would put paint to paper in an expressive, free motion with little consideration for shapes, sizes or colour combinations.

The example I have chosen above is a mind map. This is an example of an individual using the left hand side of the brain. A mind map breaks down the central intention of your work in to sub categories in a structured, rational and logical manner. This particular mind map has one core subject namely health. The subject of health has been broken down in to a series of rational sub categories, exercise, stress, sleep and diet. Within these subcategories there is a further breakdown of logical related subjects.
 Using mind maps has helped me greatly in the development of my RVJ.

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