Friday, 29 October 2010

itap commentary 1

Can reconceptualised ideas be contemporary?

Reconceptualised ideas are those previously created by someone else and over time have been modified in to something different, however keeping the same initial meaning behind the image/ idea. However it could be deemed as something negative but I believe it is through inspiration and influences where reconceptualisation stems from. An example such a piece is from the work of renowned pop artist Andy Warhol, he produced the original image of one of the most famous icons Marilyn Monroe. He cleverly used just her face to engage the audience’s interest as even with the disappearance of her body she is still a recognisable figure. Warhol used illuminating and vibrant colours and a bazzar technique to create a powerful statement of the icon and his personality.

Andy warhol


James Gill

An example of a reconceptualised version was recreated by James Gill, an acclaimed pop artist who tends to focus his attention portraying iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe. Although Gill applies a more advance method by using the latest technology to develop his image, it is evident the similarity between Warhol and Gill’s work as both the images have been tightly cropped so the audience focuses directly on Marilyn's magnetic gaze. The compositions contain majority of the same colours, person and pop art style but represented in different ways as the composition in Gills work is heavily cropped and the paint strokes are more expressive to dramatise Manroe’s face although portraying to the audience the same meaning to the image.

Notion of Originality
Originality looks at new creations, invented work and innovative ideas, it is frequently associated in the art world with original art pieces a lot of artists are inspired by these thus producing there own replicas using similar methods in order to achieve the same meaning and effect as the original. Originality and research in art pieces play a big part in guiding us through our own representations of artists work, it also betters our understanding in how the art world works and expects from us and how we develop ideas and learn skills in producing images that attract the audiences attention, for example Gabrielle d'Estrées painting.

                                                          Gabrielle d'EstrĂ©es


This original painting represents the birth of her first child with her sister pinching her nipple symbolizing the mother’s milk, her forthcoming marriage represented by the ring and her love for her husband is reflected through the painting above the fire place.
Over a significant period of time this image has been recontextualised in a perfume ad campaign produced by Mario Sorrenti for Yves Saint Laurent, which uses the same composition however differs in having the opposite sex. Laurent choose this ad to be photographed in this way in order to represent one of his favorite paintings. However in this case the meaning of the original painting has been altered entirely which in turn makes this photograph more challenging for the audience to understand unless they are familiar with the original piece.

                                                        Mario Sorrenti, YSL ad Campaign

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