Saturday, 14 May 2011


Design and technology

During the Design and Technology lecture I gained inspiration from the bitmap section. We were shown various ways in which bitmap typefaces are used in the world from cross-stitch to billboards.

Definition: A bitmap is a type of graphic composed of pixels (picture element) in a grid. Each pixel or "bit" contains color information for the image. Bitmap graphics formats have a fixed resolution which means that resizing a bitmap graphic can result in distortion and jagged edges, bitmap typefaces are fonts where the letters are based on a grid. Each glyph (or letter) is made up of a series of dots or pixels that make up the shape.

I was fascinated by the way a structured base (a grid) can produce pixilated type that is simple fast and effective to achieve. I wanted to create my own bitmap image by using one of my favourite characters from the video game super Mario. I am very pleased in how it has turned out though proportions could be improved. 


Information graphics

My classmates and I were given the opportunity to form groups and come up with an information graphic that represents this information to the viewer in a visually exciting way that draws the eye.

As we are fast approaching summer and it is soon to be the holiday season my group and I thought it would be appropriate to design an information graphic relating to holidays. We began by conducting a questionnaire asking 30 students from the Gosta Green campus whether they would prefer a hot sandy beach holiday or a cold wrap up warm holiday.  After collecting the vital information needed we then started designing a variety of layout ideas. The aim of the final visual representation is to communicate the information gathered from our questionnaire in a clear and concise way, so that our target audience can obtain the questionnaire information quickly and in less time than it would take to read the results in a text format.


Motion graphics

Motion graphics are graphics that use video and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or a transforming appearance. These motion graphics are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

“Moving image typography”  - Will Hill

Motion graphics bring dynamics and life into lifeless graphics. Traditional animation and special effects techniques are used to achieve a simple yet effective outcome. An example of this can be seen in the opening sequence of Juno, where the designer has used was hand-made motion graphics.
juno title sequence

Another example of motion graphics is the catch me if you can title sequence

Through some research of motion graphics I came across a stormy electrical type that caught my eye.

The task in the lecture was to get in to groups and answer the following questions:

Who’s jack?
Why is he travelling?
What does he do with historical figures?
How is the show educational?

My group and I came up with a child called Brainiac Jack who was an alien that has a thirst for historical knowledge of planet earth. As he sleeps at night instead of dreaming he time travels through history and meets historical figures such as Henry the 8th. The idea behind Brainiac Jack is so that it can be used in a class as a fun learning tool and to get children excited by history and try and convince them to copy the alien and to crave historic knowledge in the same way as he does.


Stephs viral brief.

Below is a video i made to promote a fizzy drink company's new idea of a can-top speaker, emphasising its purpose of being a "party starter".


Task: design a logo for the brand smile out door clothing company (camping, hiking and climbing )




Book Cover

Our task was to choose a book, read it then create 10 sketch designs for the cover, spine and back cover. I decided to design a book cover for “ITS ALL GREEK TO ME” by Charlotte Higgins. I began by making a brainstorm of the key ideas of what I have read and the things that I associate with Greeks. My final idea for the book cover was produced using indesign (see below).



                                                                   DESIGN IDEAS

unfortunately the blog does not respond to pdf files therefore I have changed it to a jpg but the cover spine and back cover have become separated.


Designing for digital

During this lecture we have learnt the process to design digitally. Being an iphone customer myself I have managed to get my hands on all sorts of fascinating applications making my life much easier.
Our task in the digital lecture was to help an independent coffee shop chain go digital and take in to consideration the criteria, design and strategy.  In order to achieve my task I first began to brainstorm, I then came up with a few design ideas for the app and then carried out some research on coffee shop applications. One app that caught my attention was the Starbucks application seen below in the video and screen grabs.

Through my research and design ideas I decided to make a application for miracles coffee shop a local coffee shop back home in London.


A flow diagram demonstrating the process of which my coffee shop app goes through.